Sand & Kleens
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing:

Diminished Suction Power

  • De-align the holes on the adapter/bleeder.

  • Check the lid of the Sand&Kleen Aquair Filter for snug fit.

  • Check the fitting connections to the vacuum cleaner.

  • The wet/dry vacuum and/or bag should be empty or near empty.

  • Clean the filter in your wet/dry vacuum.

  • Change the water after sanding for two (2) hours or eight (8) to ten (10) panels of standard size drywall.

Too much suction or whistling noise

  • Open the specially designed adapter/bleeder to decrease air flow through the hose.

  • You may experience a whistle noise when you first turn on your wet/dry vacuum. Once you start to sand, the dust will coat the hose and the whistling will diminish.

  • For models MT 800, MT 850 and MT 890, the large adapter can be aligned or de-aligned with the small adapter to create more or less vacuum. To regulate the system to decrease suction, align the holes to bleed off air.

Static Electricity

  • Use cold water.

  • Apply a grounding wire to the handle.

  • Wait a period of time before moving the unit.

  • Run a humidifier to increase the moisture in the room.

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